8 common programming languages to know

8 common programming languages to know

JAVA: The programming  language which is best today is Java. The reason in that it is platform independent which means that programs on java can be run on MAC OS as well as the linux. This is the reason why java is the preferred language for many enterprises. Moreover it is very structured and logical in its form. Today there is vast vacancy for java trainers.

C language: It is the oldest programming language. It was developed way back in 1972 by Dennis Richie. They developed it for solving hardware issue. But the popularity grew and it became the language for many more to come. Many languages like C# and Java is based on this language. It is  very powerful can run on virtually any platform. In addition to this , it is also the language in which PHP and python is written.

C++: When some shortcomings of C language began to emerge then C++ was written. This language was written to start some mid-level programming. Also this language was written to start object oriented programming. The programmer shows  significance because many of the worlds  leading software is written in this language. The leading software like adobe and Firefox or chrome or win amp is all written in C++ language.

C#: This is the language that was developed by Microsoft to cater to the needs of multi programming. So this languge was developed so that a consistent object oriented programming could be developed. This language was developed in 1982. So if a person wants to get a job in Microsoft then it is of primary importance that one developer a keen interest in C#.

Objective C: This is yet another object oriented developed in response to the deficiency of C Language. It was developed in 1983 by Tom Love and Brad Cox. This language saw its popularity in the Apple OS. With Mac and Apple  becoming very popular this language also saw popularity.

PHP: This hypertext processor. This language is the most famous language of the web and several million websites have this language running in its core. This language can be embedded in HTML and this language gains its popularity from the fact that many have it running at the client side. There are indeed many jobs created every year in this language.

PYTHON: This is yet another programming language. This was developed in 1982. The language owes its popularity because of its simplicity and ease of learning. The language is  famous as  much of the software around the world has this running. Instagarm and Pinterest has this programming language  running at its core.

RUBY: Ruby is yet another programming language which as developed in response for the need of a simple yet elegant language. This programming language is also very famous and many world’s leading software runs on Ruby. So the jobs created in Ruby rise manifold every year.

Today as many as 30 languages have dominated the programming space. You may not be able to master them  but from the job point of view you can still do better if you learn some of them. 

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