An Immune India
“A healthy outside starts from inside” said Robert Urich. A nation is built on the foundation of healthy and conscientious citizens. No country can stand tall if its country men are sick. The future of a country depends on how healthy its children are.  India has the ubiquitous presence of a well enriched culture and history. The Vedic times are a testimony to the fact that how important   health was  to  its citizens. Ayurveda and Unani shastras are an evidence of the fact the health has been always on the cards of its rulers. It has taken years to develop and perfect various practices mentioned in Ayurveda. Still today Ayurveda has loyal followers who has taken this science to a unimaginable level
Developing immunity is a personal quest. Today doctors prescribe various ways to keep our body fit and fine. As compared to olden day when everything was pure , today adulteration has made it difficult to keep us healthy. Today marketization of food has many   artificial entrants in this category.  The quality of food we take has declined.  Another siren to this problem is lack of awareness of  a healthy culture. Even today villagers and uneducated persons are not aware of how to make healthy choices. The initiative taken by Dabur India is very welcome. More information can be found at the link  www.daburchyawanprash.com
Steps for better immune
To make an immune India which results from individual health some steps should to taken. This includes many easy and simple  gestures  like good food and food sleep. It is well known fact that  stress can lead to less immunity for body. It is therefore requested that workplace should be made more people friendly. Adequate rest is advised for all and sundry. In a routine everyone should include exercises. Doing yoga and simple exercises not only makes our bodies supple but is excellent for long term.
 Various researches have been done in past to get a link between food and immunity.  Today  scientist  are advising to include certain classes of food in daily life. Yoghurt has good level of probiotics. Probiotics have  an  excellent effect on the gut. Inclusion of multivitamins too has greater effect. One should maintain balanced diet and include as much of fruits and vegetable in diet. We should abstain from smoking and alcohol. Another way to boost immunity  is   maintaining  and controlling blood pressure. Packaged food should be avoided as it contains undigested level chemicals in form of preservatives. Another advice from doctors is that one should not start talking antibiotics at the onset of illness. The logic behind this argument is that if one is not exposed to bacteria then how  will immunity develop. Epictetus had exclaimed that “It takes more than just good looking body. You have got to have a heart and soul for it”. So being happy is the surest way to become immune.

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