8 common programming languages to know

8 common programming languages to know

JAVA: The programming  language which is best today is Java. The reason in that it is platform independent which means that programs on java can be run on MAC OS as well as the linux. This is the reason why java is the preferred language for many enterprises. Moreover it is very structured and logical in its form. Today there is vast vacancy for java trainers.

C language: It is the oldest programming language. It was developed way back in 1972 by Dennis Richie. They developed it for solving hardware issue. But the popularity grew and it became the language for many more to come. Many languages like C# and Java is based on this language. It is  very powerful can run on virtually any platform. In addition to this , it is also the language in which PHP and python is written.

C++: When some shortcomings of C language began to emerge then C++ was written. This language was written to start some mid-level programming. Also this language was written to start object oriented programming. The programmer shows  significance because many of the worlds  leading software is written in this language. The leading software like adobe and Firefox or chrome or win amp is all written in C++ language.

C#: This is the language that was developed by Microsoft to cater to the needs of multi programming. So this languge was developed so that a consistent object oriented programming could be developed. This language was developed in 1982. So if a person wants to get a job in Microsoft then it is of primary importance that one developer a keen interest in C#.

Objective C: This is yet another object oriented developed in response to the deficiency of C Language. It was developed in 1983 by Tom Love and Brad Cox. This language saw its popularity in the Apple OS. With Mac and Apple  becoming very popular this language also saw popularity.

PHP: This hypertext processor. This language is the most famous language of the web and several million websites have this language running in its core. This language can be embedded in HTML and this language gains its popularity from the fact that many have it running at the client side. There are indeed many jobs created every year in this language.

PYTHON: This is yet another programming language. This was developed in 1982. The language owes its popularity because of its simplicity and ease of learning. The language is  famous as  much of the software around the world has this running. Instagarm and Pinterest has this programming language  running at its core.

RUBY: Ruby is yet another programming language which as developed in response for the need of a simple yet elegant language. This programming language is also very famous and many world’s leading software runs on Ruby. So the jobs created in Ruby rise manifold every year.

Today as many as 30 languages have dominated the programming space. You may not be able to master them  but from the job point of view you can still do better if you learn some of them. 

Online payment gateway

Online payment gateway
Online payment gateway is a way to transact money on net. It has become  the de facto standard  of banking  as it is  convenient and based on secure protocol.  The gateway is witnessed at many ecommerce sites. Such a way to transact money is very handy if you are net savvy. This involves give and take of money digitally. Typically the parties are the  e-commerce site of any portal and the bank. All the transaction is very safe. The gateway is secured by https protocol adding a seal of tight security to it.

Online payment gateway is so convenient that it has surpassed every skepticism on internet banking. A secure protocol with Https and non-disclosure of cardholder’s information makes this very convenient to use. Moreover the other facilities like calculation of real time tax and fraud determination adds value to already existing model. For the process to settle down typically three days are needed but eventually main factor for this is speed of banking. With   cybercrimes growing a 3-D secure code which another layers of security is distributed by many processors. This is typically showed as verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure code. This online payment gateway has been implemented by new age  sites as this leads to a jump in their sale of goods

The future for this technology is very strong as today daily million of transactions are carried out on net. The power of millions is realized by this technology.

How to use the jquery for making mobile apps

How to use the jquery for making mobile apps

Mobiles are ubiquitous and with the growing population of youth which  likes making mobile apps to learn something new and to experiment many mobile making apps for android phones have mushroomed in the market. One such API is jQuery which is doing   brisk selling. jQuery has fancied the youth. JQuery is simply awesome to use. With very smart interface and the easy to use it has really made the life of youth breeze. This tutorial explores the making of the mobile apps in android OS using this technology. The tutorial is very easy to understand and is aimed for the beginner level. Advanced topics are not discussed here as this is beyond the scope of the tutorial.

jQuery and its alpha version were developed in November 2010 . It is a mobile development framework project aimed to make easy and intuitive mobile apps for latest mobile that uses the android OS in phones. One the latest phones where jQuery can be implemented is Samsung Grand. We will make a web application such as reading the RSS feeds on mobile. For that we shall send  HTTP request which will be based on AJAX to the server which we will parse the XML request and then  construct the UI.To read the RSS feed with the desired effect of fade in and out the  use of  plugin called jQuery-dotimeout plugin is done. This will give the readers effect where news will appear on the screen and then fade out. After that use of the DST.js plugin is done to store whatever the reader has selected to local directory that is HTML5 local directory. It is seen that jQuery   construct has three things. They are HTML file with UI, plugins and libraries. The route of making this RSS feed news is very simple. Here the HTML file will send HTTP request to the relevant RSS URL which will send the response back to the HTML file.

This is a simple example where the jQuery API is used to construct as very basic application. More such examples can be reconstructed by using the jQuery mobile app.The basic advantage of using the jQuery app is that AJAX requests are not blocked by the server. The jQuery has its main aim to create mobile apps and to consider the request and parse the XML file and create relevant mobile apps. So overall mobile app jQuery is very simple and user friendly. Countless web applications can be building using the jQuery mobile apps. This can be downloaded for torrent site and the fun and lots of original thinking can go along.