How to use the jquery for making mobile apps

How to use the jquery for making mobile apps

Mobiles are ubiquitous and with the growing population of youth which  likes making mobile apps to learn something new and to experiment many mobile making apps for android phones have mushroomed in the market. One such API is jQuery which is doing   brisk selling. jQuery has fancied the youth. JQuery is simply awesome to use. With very smart interface and the easy to use it has really made the life of youth breeze. This tutorial explores the making of the mobile apps in android OS using this technology. The tutorial is very easy to understand and is aimed for the beginner level. Advanced topics are not discussed here as this is beyond the scope of the tutorial.

jQuery and its alpha version were developed in November 2010 . It is a mobile development framework project aimed to make easy and intuitive mobile apps for latest mobile that uses the android OS in phones. One the latest phones where jQuery can be implemented is Samsung Grand. We will make a web application such as reading the RSS feeds on mobile. For that we shall send  HTTP request which will be based on AJAX to the server which we will parse the XML request and then  construct the UI.To read the RSS feed with the desired effect of fade in and out the  use of  plugin called jQuery-dotimeout plugin is done. This will give the readers effect where news will appear on the screen and then fade out. After that use of the DST.js plugin is done to store whatever the reader has selected to local directory that is HTML5 local directory. It is seen that jQuery   construct has three things. They are HTML file with UI, plugins and libraries. The route of making this RSS feed news is very simple. Here the HTML file will send HTTP request to the relevant RSS URL which will send the response back to the HTML file.

This is a simple example where the jQuery API is used to construct as very basic application. More such examples can be reconstructed by using the jQuery mobile app.The basic advantage of using the jQuery app is that AJAX requests are not blocked by the server. The jQuery has its main aim to create mobile apps and to consider the request and parse the XML file and create relevant mobile apps. So overall mobile app jQuery is very simple and user friendly. Countless web applications can be building using the jQuery mobile apps. This can be downloaded for torrent site and the fun and lots of original thinking can go along.

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