A informative discussion on article submission and how to optimize them

 A informative discussion on  article submission and how to optimize them

Internet is all about sharing knowledge. Indeed the rise of networked vision has many benefits. Gone are the days when networking meant endless and absurd ways to communicated? The twentieth century has given  this  spectacular gift to mankind in a way that it has introduced  us a very sophisticated way to communicate everything through internet. Blogging is personal way to express. With rise in blogging , websites have mushroomed that survive toady  heavily on article spinning and article submission to directory. The article submission is considered to be the best way to get backlink which is again very essential if you have to survive the competitive market that internet has grown onto.

Simple tips for article submission  optimization

Simply put article submission is very important as when you do article submission you get backlinks that will bring some interested users to your site. This happens and you increase your traffic to your site. But this is not ends of the story. Today this basic article marketing is questioned by all. The very efficacy is questioned as the common mistake that people do is that they submit poor  quality article to the directory .The main function of article directory is distribution. They basic requirement is that you  have to get SEO optimized articles and they have to maintain a certain basic level quality.

The main advantage of articles submission is in making your website popular. When you submit article to website which is more populate then automatically you are directing some of the users to visit your site too. Thus in this the way  article submission optimization is done. At the authors box you can mention some keywords too which  can  be targeted to your niche audience. By doing this you bring traffic organically. Here the responsibility for the author is that they should write quality articles. At the site e-zine others are also allowed to repost your articles provided they give your link.

The main advantage is that if you’re able to write high quality articles then chances of your articles to be raed is more. Also if you regularly contribute and update your articles then you will be expert in your field. If people find your articles interesting gthen backlinks that you get is more compared to others sites. So in this way  you are also optimizing  your  articles  for SEO practices. The concept of bulk article directory submission is  not new. You can submit your article to as many as number of directories you want. This automatically increases our visibility.
The best way to submit article to directory is manually but nowadays many software to do this for you at a premium cost. Here concept of website directory is  new. It is alternate for search engine. Instead of manually searching for information in the search engine here what is done is , all  common website are listed together to help user find nicely their information. The three most impotent pioneers in this field are Ezinearticle.com,  goarticles.com and articledashboard.com.  They  all specialize to maintain a repository of articles and they help budding website developers with a store house of informative and persuasive articles.
Author bio: The author is a freelance writer from Pune and she writes  frequently in magazines.