How to deal with an autistic child

Autism and the spectrum disorder is not disorder  which should be confused with the other neurological disorder  that impair the growth of a child. Actually autism should not be coined as a disorder  at all, as with autism a child can still lead a normal life but with adult help. So parent should not be disappointed or panic for their autistic child. Rather they
should find ways to deal effectively with a autism. Here are some common pointers as to how to deal  with autism or autism spectrum disorders.

1) Firstly autism should be dealt with with positive affirmation. One thing a parent can give to their children is immense love and  affection. Never the love and affection of the parent should be replaced with any other ingredient of parenting. However erring or  different your child should be from other children you should never refrain form sharing your love or care with him. This builds a very good relationship between you and your child and and  fosters affection and as well ever lasting attachment with your child. You will relish this relationship later as you grow old.

2) Secondly you should as a parent  start the process of identification or alphabets and numbers for your autistic child early. The common thinking that autistic child can not excel in studies is myth and I have personally found out after working several autistic children that they with supports and  structured learning they can indeed excel in studies and  for that you as a parent should talk to the concerned teachers and chalk out a structured learning program for your child  so the child find it easier to memorise and learn the abstract concepts of subjects that are taught in class.

3) Thirdly even if your child does mix up with other children or  fail to establish eye contact nevertheless you should ask and encourage the child to play around with  children of their age. Slowly the child with autistic trait will learn to adjust an I have found out that they indeed can socialise.

4) Also care should be taken when children with autistic spectrum gets violent or throws tantrums as they don't know or  realise that it its  because of different wiring of brain that causes them to be  violent sometimes. At those distressed times let you child express their  anger  but be careful if they are overly too violent. Then you must dial for help.

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